Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Palms "Palms"

Country: USA
Sub GenrePost Metal
Release dateJune 25, 2013
1 Future Warrior 7:56
2 Patagonia 6:40
3 Mission Sunset 10:00
4 Shortwave Radio 6:56
5 Tropics 5:44
6 Antarctic Handshake 9:41

Jeff Caxide (bass/keyboards)
Aaron Harris (drums)
Clifford Meyer (guitar/keyboards)
Chino Moreno (vocals)

Palms is a newly formed Los Angeles based quartet featuring  with Deftones’ vocalist Chino Moreno. The Los Angeles heavy, stargazing rock outfit Palms was forged out of an explosive collision too, as Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno joined forces with three former members of
critically-lauded post-metal group Isis (Aaron Harris, Clifford Meyer and Jeff Caxide), venturing into bold sonic territory that careens from kinetic churning guitars to quiet, atmospheric moments mining rich emotional environments.Palms’ self-titled debut is wrought with dark anthems and intense textures, shoring cinematic, introspective interludes with tidal waves of distortion. Moreno’s dynamism balanced the tectonic shifts in Palms instrumentation, as he howls over Meyer’s searing guitar that ignites a conflagration when mixed with of propulsive rhythms by Caxide and Harris on the climax of “Shortwave Radio.”Then there’s the slow-burning “Antarctic Handshake,” which pairs crystalline guitar chords echoing into space as Moreno’s voice, both distant and resounding, pensively ruminates over subtle, sweeping synths: “It’s time to let go.” It’s a statement, a question, or, perhaps, an invitation; these cryptic lyrics acting as an empty vessel for the listeners to ascribe meaning, or maybe a mirror reflecting back secrets dredged from deep within.
The emotional affect of Palms’ album is distinct: it moves and is moving; a perpetually forward-lunging exploration of moments both epic and intimate as all-enveloping loudness bleeds into piercing near-silence. It’s an evocative aesthetic that could score the soundtrack to dystopian films, or scorched-earth world of post-Apocalyptic novels, that resilient spring that follows a Nuclear Winter. These are songs with a sense of urgency, the inertia of breaking apart, and the energy of building it all again.


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