Friday, June 14, 2013

Sendelica “The Kaleidoscopic Kat and it’s Automated Ego”

Country: UK
Sub GenreSpace Rock, Psychedelic
Label: self-released
Release dateJune 14, 2013
1. The Kaleidoscopic Kat - 05:11
2. Tinsel Tears - 03:56
3. Something in a Grain of Sand - 09:38
4. It Happened One Sunday Afternoon In Wales - 11:39
5. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Buddha - 06:22
6. Clever Meat 06:30
7. 21st Century Autoscopic Ego Man - 08:27
8. It's The Neu!! Kosmiche Disco 13:54
9. The Kaleidoscopic Kat (Reprise) - 02:20

Pete Bingham - guitars
Colin Consterdine - electronics, keyboards, programming
Glenda Pescado - bass
Jim Barner - bass
Lee Relfe - saxophone
Nik Turner: flute on 9
Ian hawk Khan: Bulbul Tarang on 5
Doctor Locust: clarinet, harmonica on 4
Lord Armstrong Sealand: theremin on 4
Paul Fields: drums on 4
Nik Danger: drums on 2

The Kaleidoscopic Kat and its Automated Ego is a full 67-minutes of music, and opens with the rather simple and straightforward instrumental “The Kaleidoscopic Kat" a tune that basically takes a groovy riff and works it over a few times. Things get a little more trippy with the next track, “Tinsel Tears”  with its bluesy fuzz-guitar riff and ample stereo phasing. Then with track three “Something in a Grain of Sand”  we go off into space, starting with strange synth sounds and warbles which then morph into a tinny guitar at the one-minute mark that strikes up a lead line, with drums sounding like they’re played from a small cardboard box. You get the drift? It’s all about taking the traditional instruments and using whatever technology to create new sounds, new sonic landscapes. The longer songs will pick up a groove and slide around that riff inserting a Hendrix vibe or a blues Clapton vibe or something strange. There are other tracks where the blues influences the groove in a more dramatic way creating a rock solid foundation but even here the tune might suddenly change in mid-stream and trundle down another musical path. One is never quite sure where the music of Sendelica will go next.    

If you love the more experimental side of the space-rock genre with ample amounts of psychedelia I’d highly recommend you check out Sendelica, they’ve got that feel covered. The last half of the album showcases some great blues riffing a la early Savoy Brown so in my estimation Sendelica have got more than a few music bases covered. (Jerry Lucky)

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