Friday, May 4, 2018

3223 "Ouróboros"

Country: Argentina
Genre(s): Instrumental Progressive Rock, Jazz, Classical
Format: digital
Release date: May 4, 2018
1. Ce (3:10)
2. A (2:43)
3. Hache (4:35)
4. Jota (10:00)
5. I (7:23)
6. Ka (3:14)
7. Be (2:37)
8. Ele (5:39)

Total Time 39:21

Tomás Giroud Guillet - bass, keyboards, synthesizers
Camilo Pistol - drums, glockenspiel
Sebastian Martinez - piano, keyboards, synthesizers

Ouróboros seeks to insert into the music market a new idiomatic alternative for those listeners who seek to experience new sounds. Mainly this work seeks to innovate two aspects that its members have decided to explore, the formal and the timbre. Formally, the work will consist of a single piece, subdivided into fragments of short duration (two to four minutes) each with unique characteristics, but in turn integrated into the total of the work through common elements that do not allow lose the character of totality. Timing is another exploration and is based on the use of electronic sounds, inspired by contemporary electro-acoustic music and the large amount of background within popular music.
The music is entirely instrumental and is characterized by constant metric changes and polyrhythms influenced by progressive rock bands of the seventies such as Yes or Genesis, landscape harmonies very influenced by jazz composers of the mid-twentieth century like Bill Evans or Herbie Hancock and by Impressionist composers such as Claude Debussy or Maurice Ravel. As for the instrumental, there is a tendency towards timbre diversity, using amplified mechanical-acoustic instruments such as the drums, the piano, the electric bass, the electric guitar and the glockenspiel, coloring them with sounds created by means of synthesizers and computers, fired from controllers or attached to automated tracks (Google translation from band's description in Spanish).

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