Friday, May 11, 2018

Chickn "Wowsers!"

Country: Greece
Genre(s): Psychedelic, Retro, Prog Related Rock
LabelInner Ear Records INN157L
Format: vinyl+CD, digital
Release date: May 11, 2018
01. Invocation
02. Is This Cher
03. Too Many Parables
04. I Cry Diamonds
05. Chickn Tribe (Reprise)
06. Egg of Love
07. China Must Win
08. The Elevational Love of Frank Zappa
09. Cloud Over Athens

Angelos Krallis: Lead Vocals,Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Banjo, Electric Piano, Electric Organ, Synthesiser
Pantelis Karasevdas: Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals, Piano
Christos Bekiris: Guitars, Backing Vocals, String Machine
Axios Zafeirakos: Electric Bass, Double Bass, Backing Vocals
Don Stavrinos: Horns, Backing Vocals, Percussion
Haris Neilas: Percussion, Backing Vocals, Electric Sitar
Christina Koziraki, Celia Cioufi & Maria Olga Parasiri: Backing Vocals
Noda Pappas: Electric Guitar on “Is this Cher?”
Gus Boggar: Electric Guitar on “Too Many Parables”

WOWSERS! consists of 9 electric elegies that unfold their agitated collective psyche. This is what taking the effect and making it the cause for a long while sounds like when electrified.
CHICKN, having released a double LP, an EP, three singles and a half a dozen of bootlegs, decided to embrace their inner voice and capture the essence of their in-vivo interaction into this Acid Glam record.
Sunny and colorful, sometimes comforting – some times alarming, always fast and bulbous, WOWSERS! oozes with West-Coast vibes and proto-punk explosions. Enchanting space-outs rise like monuments of absence, carefully balanced by meteoric freakouts that insist on your presence. In the meantime, a fine blend of lyrical horns, alluring percussion, whimsical drumming, arcade guitar riffs, sensual basslines and ankle-played keyboards will chaperon you in this 38 minute trip.


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