Friday, May 18, 2018

Karmablue "Né apparenze né comete"

Country: Italy
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
LabelAtman Records (ATREC CD 005)
Release date: May 18, 2018
1) Guerra Degli Dei
2) Nè Apparenze nè Comete
3) Sogni
4) Karma Blue
5) Cristalli - parte III
6) Solaris
7) Astrimio
8) Mag-A-Lur
9) Acrobati (Lesa Acrobates des Nuages)

Vera Perkins - vocals, spoken words
Giacomo Caruso - guitar, guitar synth, loops, backing vocals
Paolo Marini - drums, percussion, guitar, backing vocals
Flavio Marini - guitar "storte", effetti
Simone Colaiacomo - bass
Giacomo De Caterini - electronics
Luca Marini - bass
Dario Foschetti - guitar
David Barittoni - vocal effects
Cristina Cappellini - soprano
Valentina Greco - spoken words
Cinzia Antifona - spoken words

The sound of KARMABLUE undergoes a decisive genetic mutation turning towards a dreamlike song sung in Italian, with evolving sounds that condense different stylistic influences, from the ’70s prog to the post-rock of the’ 90s, with some metal accent, in a true expressive explosion.
The members of the band, embracing at least two generations, if not even three, with their personal baggage give shape to an art rock full of energy and rich in arrangements, the result of meticulous and patient research.
The lyrics, for the most part the work of the author Giacomo Caruso, and taken from his poetry books, are introspective and intimate, and explore once again the great themes of human research.

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