Friday, May 11, 2018

Our Solar System "Origins"

Country: Sweden
Genre(s)Instrumental Psychedelic
Label: Beyond Beyond is Beyond (BBIBR046)
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: May 11, 2018
1. Vulkanen (20:57)
2. Babalon Rising (5:55)
3. En Bit Av Det Tredje Klotet (3:42)
4. Naturligt Samspel (2:56)
5. Monte Verita (8:21)

Total Time 41:51

Anders Naess - acoustic guitar
Anna Juhlin - percussion
Anna Myrsten - piano
David Svedmyr - bass
Hampus Lindblad - synthesizer, percussion
Johan Svedmyr - drums
Mattias Gustavsson (Dungen) - bass
Joel Öhlund - oud
Mikael Lennholm - electric guitar
Martin Fogelström - electric guitar
Karin Engquist - organ
Säde Huhta - clarinet
Maria Arnqvist - saxophone
Lisa Isaksson - flute
Johanna Hessel Siims - violin
Josefina Pukitis - percussion
Simon Svedmyr - percussion
Linnea Svedmyr - percussion
the bird (4)

Immediate kudos to Stockholm-based psychedelic progressive explorers Our Solar System – aka Vårt Solsystem – for opening their third full-length for Beyond Beyond is Beyond, the five-track/41-minute Origins, with the side-consuming 21-minute “Vulkanen.” One could hardly ask for more effective immersion in the band’s world of patiently unfurled, languid psychedelia, and with the accompaniment of “Babalon Rising,” the jazz-prog tracklist centerpiece “En Bit Av Det Tredje Klotet,” the birdsong-laced “Naturligt Samspel” and the semi-freaked-out melodic wash of “Monte Verita” on side B, a full, rich, and mind-expanding cosmos is engaged, free of restriction even as it remains thoroughly lysergic, and adherent to no structural will so much as the will to adventure into the unknown, to find out where one progression leads. As regards the long- and short-form material on Origins, it leads far, far out, and if you don’t come out the other side wanting to own everything the band has ever released, you’re decidedly in the wrong. (theobelisk.net)

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