Thursday, May 10, 2018

Øresund Space Collective "Chatoyant Breath"

Country: Denmark/Sweden
Genre(s)Instrumental Psychedelic, Space Rock
Label: Space Rock Productions (SRP050)
FormatCD, digital, vinyl
Release date: May 10, 2018
1. Peaceful Patterns (28:37)
2. Angular Ambrosia (28:02)
3. Turbulent Trepidation (23:21)
4. Chatoyant Breath (36:08)

Total Time 116:08

Nick- Guitar (2,3,4)
Mogens- Synthesizers
Dr Space- Synthesizers
Jiri- Bass
Martin- Drums
Gary- Guitar (1,2,4)
Nicklas (Papir) - Guitar (1,3,4)

ØSC had been at the Black Tornado recording back in November but our friend Gary (Yawning Man) was in town and wanted to jam. It had been a long time since the main touring band of ØSC (Nick, Jiri, Mogens, myself) had been in the studio. We grabbed Martin, who plays with Nick, Jiri and Mogens in the Univerzals as well as with Jiri in his band, Fri Galaxe to play drums. He had played quite a few gigs with us in Denmark the last years. Nicklas from Papir, was a great choice to play with Gary as both are fans of each other and we love to play with Nicklas. We had a cool band.
This session was pretty fast, all done in one day and just 5 jams recorded. The vinyl is an edited version of the jams, while the CD features extended versions of the tracks so you can hear more or less the entire course of the musical journey. The music on these sections is more spaced out, relaxed and exploratory as it flows and weaves and grows tentacles to tickle and scratch your inner thoughts. Enjoy the sensations. (Dr Space)


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