Saturday, May 19, 2018

Detieti "Frogressive Punk"

Country: Russia
Genre(s): Progressive Rock, Punk, Avant Garde, Funk, Jazz
Label: [addicted label]
Format: CD, digital, cassette
Release date: May 19, 2018
1. Cocaintro (9:15)
2. Lazy Madonna (4:55)
3. Rasta Fear (5:23)
4. Dream Of Little Forest Animals (1:24)
5. Murat-Zlurad (3:45)
6. Im.Pokh (3:00)
7. Diemback (6:24)
8. In Latrine (Cocaintro Revisited) (2:15)
9. Threeptile (11:25)

Total Time 47:46

Han - bass, backing vocals, percussion (7), field recordings (4,8)
Viktor Tikhonov - drums and percussion, acoustic guitar (4,8), glockenspiel (4), ::vtol:: synths (1,9), brass arrangement, backing vocals, samples
Alexander Kosarenko - electric guitars, percussion (7), backing vocals, kalimba (9)
Petr “Peyote-R” Bolotov - synth, samples, backing vocals, percussion (7)
Ramille Mulikov - brass (3,5,6,8)
Vanish - solo-guitar (2,9), backing vocals (2)
Roman Karandaev - vocals, screams (2,6,7), spoken word and beatbox (8)
Ilya Borodin - falsetto vocal (1)
Nikolai Samarin - electric double bass (4,9), samples

They also like to associate themselves with the term pronk, which stands for progressive punk and has been made popular – well, more or less – by British band Cardiacs. Where these pronk pioneers usually had very strict songwriting, Detieti prefer to dabble more in freeform exercises, which can best be heard on the first and last track on the album, which both are about ten minutes long. The opener Cocaintro is not so much an intro but a nine minute long elaboration of different motifs that use all kinds of elements, from Black Sabbath influenced doom riffs to classical music. The overall impression if quite funky, as if the Spin Doctors had been let loose after the intake of unspecified hallucinogens.
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