Friday, June 10, 2016

Moving Structures "Awake"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Instrumental Progressive/Post Rock
Format: digital 
Release date:  June 10, 2016
1. Burial (2:32)
2. Anthropomorphism (2:54)
3. Dusk (6:09)
4. Invisible Giants (2:37)
5. The Siege (6:20)
6. The Last Of Light & Love (7:48)
7. Vast. Cold. Lonesome. (2:22)
8. Hadalpelagic (4:36)
9. Seven Miles To Sleep (4:11)
10. Becoming The Executioner (8:21)
11. Anthropomorphism II (11:59)
12. Apotheosis (9:23)

Total Time 69:12

James Moore - Guitar
Kevin Lewis - Bass
Mitch Wayte - Guitar
Chris Marquard - Drums

Awake is a concept album which begins with a burial at sea and ends with an ascension into a higher being. The album tells the story through the perspective of the one being buried, and the listener is musically guided through the emotions and memories of the subject as the coffin descends to the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean. Along the way, flashes to the past (The Siege, Becoming The Executioner), present (Burial, the Last of Light & Love), and future (Seven Miles to Sleep, Apotheosis) take the listener on a journey unlike any that can be expressed through words. 

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