Friday, June 24, 2016

Kayo Dot “Plastic House on Base of Sky”

Country: USA
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
LabelThe Flenser
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: June 24, 2016
1. Amalia’s Theme
2. All The Pain in All the Wide World
3. Magnetism
4. Rings of Earth
5. Brittle Urchin

Toby Driver - voice, synths, guitar, bass guitar
Keith Abrams - drums
Ron Varod - guitar on “Brittle Urchin”
Daniel Means - saxophone
Sage Riesman - violin
Stacey Winegyn - violin
Bing Minz - violin
Roman Celine - viola
Dabe Wyche - viola
Alexis Travelion - cello
Landen Chelengs - contrabass
Lemuel Bardor - harpsichord
Bree Eng - pipe organ
Duggan Elston - hammond organ
Valentin Dublev - mellotron
Charmane Tressel - glass harmonica
Gloria Hattifer - celesta
Bhin Turmes - trumpet
Ephraim Narata - flugelhorn
George Chamdles - rhodes
Stelvio Nebulli - hand percussion
Guillaume Veltaj - hand percussion
The Adirondack Twilight Choir

On Plastic House on Base of Sky, Kayo Dot fully embraces Coffins on Io’s electronic allusions, incorporating a variety of synthesizers (many of them vintage analog) to create another work of ambition and magnitude that fuses the explosive musical imagination of a band like Magma with the forward-thinking experimentalism of Conrad Schnitzler or Morton Subotnick. This 40 minute-long, 5-song LP goes beyond the future-noir theme of Coffins on Io and is an innovative and biomechanical work of art. Think seemingly impossible architecture, dead satellites, trashed space stations, wasted old lady heroin addicts hanging out by cheap motel pools, broken people, and a hopeless dead and polluted world transitioning into artifice and mechanism and reacting by being self-destructive, either to the point of utter obliteration or a glorious transhuman condition.
Amalia’s Theme

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