Sunday, June 1, 2014

Purposeful Porpose "Purposeful Porpoise"

Country: USA
Genre(s)Progressive Rock
Label: GEP (CD)
Format: CD, digital
Release date June 1, 2014 (digital), June 1, 2015 (CD)
  1. Crossing into the Unknown - 20:46
  2. The Air Pirate - 11:22
  3. Cycles - 12:20
  4. Unexplored - 5:36
  5. iPhone - 6:06
  6. Lost - 7:18
  7. Serena Song - 9:23
  8. Nowhere Bound - 5:43
  9. Which Way Is Up - 4:22
Alex Cora - Sitar, Guitars, Vocals
Ginny Luke (Meatloaf/Dave Matthews) - Violin, Vocals
Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater/Yngwie Malmsteen) - Keyboards, Organs, Piano, Brass
Ric Fierabracci (Chick Corea/Dave Weckl) - Bass
Vinnie Colaiuta (Sting/Frank Zappa) - Drums
Gustavo Farias - Moog Solo (8)
Luke Tierny - Vocals (9)
Matt Linsky - Guitar Solo (6)
Colette Von - Vocals (1)
David Kirsch - Vocals (1)

The double disc set kicks off with the decidedly epic, “Crossing Into The Unknown” – a 21-minute, cinematic prologue that introduces the listener to Purposeful Porpoise’s futuristic, aquatic world of “Nommos,” where dolphin-like, bi-ped “Nommo” dwell peacefully until their world’s power source is stolen and transported elsewhere – launching a battle between good and evil, and a quest for survival in a world occupied by air pirates, warriors, mystics, savages, villains and saviors.
As much as Purposeful Porpoise pushes the envelope of progressive pop/rock, tracks like “Unexplored” and “Which Way is Up” showcase Cora’s decidedly diverse songwriting skills and modern-yet-familiar sound  -- evoking Sgt. Pepper’s-era Beatles. Whereas tracks like “Nowhere Bound” evoke an unfamiliar note -- sounding like the unlikely offspring of Dave Matthews and Pink Floyd.
“Cycles” unleashes jaw-dropping furious solos from Sherinian, Cora and Colaiuta that will leave the most jaded prog-rock fan gobsmacked, while delivering a restrained intensity that heralds a dynamic, melodic and profoundly progressive sound.
Throughout the record, Cora makes the most of the virtuosity of Colaiuta, Fierabracci, Sherinian and Luke, who have ample time to solo and (tastefully) showcase their considerable chops. The entire album is loaded with passionate grooves that drive an almost outlandish level of virtuoso musicianship. Sonically, Purposeful Porpoise is unafraid to dig deep into the past, but remains firmly rooted in the present, while keeping their eye focused on the future.

Nowhere Bound
Which Way Is Up

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