Friday, June 13, 2014

Anabasi Road "Anabasi Road"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreProgressive Rock
Release date: June 13, 2014
1. Pleasure in Me
2. Clashing Stars
3. Dreaming for You
4. Say Man
5. Guerra Mondiale
6. Maybe Tomorrow
7. I Walk Alone
8. Requiem

Andrea Giberti - vocals, harmonica, keyboards
Massimiliano Braglia - guitar, drums
Alessio Gambarelli - guitar
Riccardo Vecchi - bass
Luca Orlandini - keyboards, organ, piano
Nicholas Corradini - drums, guitar

The opener “Pleasure In Me” starts by nervous electric guitar riffs and dark organ waves. The music and lyrics describe a haunting presence and an insane, dangerous passion that rises like dust on the road while a strange, silent feeling sets hope and time on fire. The following “Clashing Stars” is a kind of wild prayer to the sky for a new life and tells about a desperate, merciless need for vendetta in an endless war where there's no room for respect and pity.
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Pleasure in Me


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