Monday, June 30, 2014

The Lost Generation "The Lost Generation"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreProgressive Rock
Release dateJune 30, 2014
1 - Lost Generation - (1'37)
2 - Ladder To The Stars - (5'07)
3 - No Child Left Behind - (4'27)
4 - Drawn To You - (5'08)
5 - Bathtub Gin - (6'44)
6 - Midsummer's Hell - (2'11)
7 - Blank Mind Over Black Fields - (5'34)
8 - Pagan Ache - (4'01)
9 - Touch Of Simplicity - (3'00)
10 - Wishful Thinking - A New Found Generation - (5'07)

Matteo Bevilacqua

The Lost Generation is the new project from Diaries Of A Hero's bass player Matteo Bevilacqua. The British musician takes a step away from his heavy-metal background, and explores different musical paths, following the footsteps of bands such as PT, Anathema, POS and the softer side of Opeth. The self-titled first album examines various themes focusing mainly on the conditions the youth are living in, and the overall tension that peeked in the 2011 London Riots. Like all concept-albums, it needs to be observed as a whole to fully capture the journey the listener is invited to follow as the musical genres intersect with one another. Progressive rock leads the way to ethereal acoustic sections, electronic experimentations and even a bluegrass track, but the atmosphere is one, undoubtably traveling on the same train that terminates where it began, leaving the listener with no question that the creativity displayed here is only just the beginning...
Ladder To The Stars

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