Monday, June 23, 2014

Neil Thomas "Devadatta"

Country: UK
Sub GenreProgressive Rock
Release date: June 2014
1. Adrenalinized 4:05
2. Time Bomb 4:17
3. The Unlikelihood of Intimacy 4:19
4. The Dragon King's Daughter 10:20
5. Charm Offensive 6:44
6. Deliberate Self Harm 3:44
7. Random Acts of Kindness 4:30
8. Moral Compass 10:09

Neil Thomas

'Devadatta' is the follow up album to 2010's 'A Century of Lullabies'. Much like it's predecessor, it's another concept album (with more than a nod to the progressive rock genre) mixing stark imagery, social commentary and humanist philosophy to create a tapestry of vivid soul-searching and storytelling. There is immensely detailed substance to this album, which ultimately means that a single listen through is not going to be enough. With catchy choruses and hooky melodies there's plenty to compel the discerning listener to keep hitting the play button over and over again, each time peeling back the layers. From the driving rock thunder of the opening track, 'Adrenalinized', to the acutely intimate 'Charm Offensive', the album offers an array of emotion. Do not be fooled by the number of tracks either. Both 'The Dragon King's Daughter' and 'Moral Compass' are both over 10 minutes long - broken down into suites, they give the impression that you are actually listening to ten or twelve songs, rather than eight. 

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