Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Eatliz "All Of It"

Country: Israel
Sub GenreArt Rock, Alternative, Pop
FormatCD, digital
Release dateJune 25, 2014
01. One Of Us 04:08
02. Miserable 04:47
03. Bees 05:00
04. Lilith 04:09
05. Misanthrope 04:31
06. A Giant Fall 03:45
07. Heavenly 04:15
08. A Visit To Dendroida 03:29
09. Potion 04:02
10. Last Bite 04:41

Sivan Abelson - Vocals
Omer Hershman - Guitars
Guy Ben Shetrit - Guitars, Keyboards
Noam Shaham – Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Omry Hanegby - Drums
Hadar Green - Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Itamar Ziegler - Keyboards, Bass, Percussion, Programming, Vocals
Tom Darom - Keyboards (7)
Gadi Peter - Drums (8)

All Of It is comprised of ten lushly arranged tracks, including "Miserable," and runs almost 43 minutes. Arrangements are complex -- almost progressive -- and the percussion and rhythm sections are most outstandingly produced. English lyrics again dominate Eatliz' music. Listen for the thick bass lines and drums that punctuate the album from the opening track "One Of Us" onward through the album. This sound is perhaps most evident in the lush arrangement of "Bees." Listen also for the lush harmonies and dense synth washes that join Sivan's vocalize that soar across the top of this outstanding track.
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