Saturday, June 28, 2014

Autocatalytica "Autocatalytica"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Progressive Extreme Avant Metal
Format: digital
Release date: June 28, 2014
01. Oxygonical 04:04
02. Thunder Squirrel 04:50
03. Russian Pharmaceuticals 08:27
04. Dweller On The Threshold 08:08
05. Heavier & More Melodic 05:58
06. Flesh Pillow 08:33
07. Toxic Rodent Waterfall 09:16

Eric Thorfinnson: Guitar, Vocals
Erik Sorensen: Guitar
William Purcell : Bass
Emmett Ceglia: Drums

The debut album from Boston based me(n)tal patients Autocatalytica is almost beyond description. If you pick a dichotomy, light/heavy, fast/slow, stable/unstable for example, it will apply to this record.
Each track will hit you like a wall of sound at times. Opener ‘Oxygonical‘ jams in with dissonant, droning feedback before it slaps you in the face with some inhumanly fast drumming. It is an utterly glorious mess of riffs upon riffs, stabbing rhythms and rasping, unhinged vocals. Comparison between Autocatalytica and Dillinger Escape Plan have been made in past and while they’re right to a certain extent, this doesn’t quite capture how disparate some of the elements are. Think Mutation with some of the flair of Kvelertak and you aren’t even in the right sport, let alone ballpark.
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