Saturday, June 2, 2018

Karmic Juggernaut "The Dreams That Stuff Are Made Of"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Format: digital
Release date: June 1, 2018
1. Bottomless Gypsy Pit (5:17)
2. Krokodil (4:51)
3. Robotnik (4:46)
4. WKRM Emergency Broadcast (0:44)
5. Frunobulax (5:03)
6. Circles (0:49)
7. Moving (9:00)
8. On Your Mark (6:14)
9. Living In A Lucid Dream (0:56)
10. Goons, Buffoons, And Carnival Barkers (3:33)
11. Psycho Billy's Downtown Adventure (2:45)
12. Be Careful Loading Camel (8:55)
13. Museum Museum (7:40)

Total Time 60:33

Randy Preston – guitar
James McCaffrey – guitar, vocals, keyboards, banjo, accordion
Kevin Grossman – drums, percussion, melodica, vocals
Cody McCorry – bass, piccolo bass, theremin, saw
Daimon Santa Maria – vocals, flute
Jake Hughes – keyboards
Danis Daley - saxophone
Ian Gray – trombone
Joe Gullace – trumpet, flugelhorn
AJ Merlino – marimba

Asbury Park-based psychedelic/progressive rock outfit Karmic Juggernaut has just released their new full-length album, The Dreams That Stuff Are Made Of, a collection of thirteen unique tunes written by the group. Recorded and mixed at The Hangar at the New Jersey Shore, the new album is a departure from the band’s earlier work, featuring new frontman Daimon Santa Maria, keyboardist Jake Hughes, a robust horn section (Joe Gullace & Ian Gray), mallet work by percussionist AJ Merlino, theremin by bassist Cody McCorry, and an array of other instruments. The result is an vintage-inspired album with a postmodern view of psychedelia. This new record draws from an eclectic variety of genres and musical tastes, and touches on topics such as today’s political climate, B-movies, mental illness, and features satirical approaches of contemporary living.

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