Friday, October 20, 2017

Watter "History Of The Future"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Instrumental Eclectic Progressive Rock, Electronica
Label: Temporary Residence TRR296
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: October 20, 2017
1. Telos (4:17)
2. Shadow Chase (2:27)
3. Death Knock (4:15)
4. Sacrificial Leaf (4:11)
5. Depth Charge (7:02)
6. Liquid Of Life (3:01)
7. The Cloud Sanctuary (2:17)
8. Macho Milano (6:27)
9. History Of The Future (7:26)
10. Final Sunrise (5:06)

Total Time 46:29

Zak Riles - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Baglama [Saz], Oud, Sequencer, Synthesizer, Mellotron, Harmonium, Drum Machine, Bass (3), Drums  (1, 3, 5, 6)
Tyler Trotter- Keyboards, Synthesizer, Lap Steel Guitar, Bass (5)
Britt Walford - Drums
Rachel Grimes- Piano
Bundy K. Brown (Tortoise) - Bass
Todd Cook - Bass
Dahm Majuri Cipolla - Drums
Nathan Salsburg - Electric Guitar
Shawn Trail - Marimba
Jacob Duncan - Tenor Saxophone

The new album is approximately 50 minutes in length and is a collection of ten exquisite pieces that have so many nuances that’s quite impossible to define its music style: elements of jazz, math rock, electronic and some classical notes are all blended together to create an album that represents a step ahead compared to This World. History of the Future is probably more dynamic but it does have calm, dreamlike moments.
Read the full review by Daniela Patrizi at echoesanddust.com


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