Monday, October 9, 2017

God "God II - Jesus Christ"

Country: Israel
Genre(s): Instrumental Progressive Metal
Format: digital
Release date: October 9, 2017
1. I AM (5:37)
2. Obey (6:06)
3. Worship (3:50)
4. Temptation (5:29)
5. Transfiguration (3:55)
6. Holy (4:18)
7. Prayer (6:22)
8. Trust (4:24)
9. Forsaken (5:01)
10. Crucified (4:09)
11. Death (4:19)
12. Forgiveness (3:03)

Total Time 56:33


This one-man instrumental project recently impressed with debut album I, the mixture of atmosphere, Meshuggian djent (wait! Don’t leave!), and technical progressive-metal skills creating way more of an enjoyable listen than a one-man instrumental project has any right being. Here, songs like “Obey” manage to do what God was able to hint at on the debut: create a totally compelling journey within one (instrumental) song, with some ‘80s atmospherics with the guitar work, and a strong rhythm “section” keeping the song rolling along. “Holy” delivers some excellent sludgy Meshuggah worship, which sounds great, while “Crucify” utilizes melancholy and longing to great effect.
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