Friday, October 20, 2017

Single Celled Organism "Splinter In The Eye"

Country: Germany  
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Label: Afraid Of Sunlight
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: October 20, 2017
1. Prologue (The Mark Of Cain) (3:33)
2. Growing Up (7:33)
3. TV Show (4:49)
4. Flying Home (2:36)
5. New Horizons (7:30)
6. Flies In My Head (2:58)
7. I Can't Feel (2:41)
8. The Call (1:20)
9. The Virus (5:12)
10. Splinter In The Eye (7:47)
11. I See You (The Regret) (5:43)
12. Epilogue (Her Poem) (6:00)

Total Time 57:42

Jens Lueck – Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Bass Programming
Isgaard – Vocals
Jan Petersen (ex Sylvan) – Electric Guitars
Ingo Salzmann – Electric Guitars
Dieter Koch – Acoustic Guitars, additional Electric Guitars
Volker Kuinke  – Recorders
Katja Flintsch – Violin, Viola
Annika Stolze – Cello
Ekiss Giloc - Bass
John Turner - Voice (“Gabriel”)
Kai Ritter - Voice (Dr. Abbott Barnaby)

SCO has been described by Jens as progressive rock, and that is definitely what it is, in all its glory.  The music is in the vein of Pink Floyd or Porcupine Tree, but it feels much more modern and refined.  The album features fantastic guitars (always expected from something Jens produces), sublime keys, and some twists here and there that you might not expect. 
Read the full review by Jason Spencer at theprogmind.com


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