Sunday, December 17, 2017

a silent sound "COMPASS"

Country: Netherlands
Genre(s): Progressive Rock, Pop, Folk
LabelFreya Records
Format: CD, digital
Release date: December 17, 2017
1. Setting Foot On The Hills (8:18)
2. Lake Okaru (5:15)
3. City One (6:48)
4. City Two (5:33)
5. Dark Night's Rising (5:54)
6. On The Ground (6:06)
7. The Road (4:25)
8. City Three (6:58)
9. Sunset On An Island (1:45)
10. Love Song (4:01)
11. The Returnee (5:06)
12. Home (4:28)

Total Time 64:37

Tom Luchies (Sky Architect, Melvin's Nosehair) - Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Pianet T, Percussion, Vocals
Christiaan Bruin (Sky Architect, The Black Codex, Adeia) - Drums, Pitched Percussion
Rik van Honk (Sky Architect, The Black Codex) - Horns, Moog Synthesizer
Auke Haaksma - Bass
Linda Baur - Piano

What do you get when you combine traveling around the globe and songwriting? When you put together progressive rock and acoustic folk, with a slight hint of pop? And what would happen if you would do this without the pressure of record labels, completely ignoring the fact that we divided this world into boxes and thus you can move freely whatever way you want to? Then you’ll get ‘a silent sound’.
‘Compass’ consists of 12 songs which tell the story of the journey of a man, traveling to fulfil his fathers’ last wish. To return to the place he once was born. On this journey he doesn’t only see the different surroundings and the beautiful nature, but he soon gets to know cities and all of her temptations, new people, cultures and all that the world has got to offer. Both positive and negative. ‘Compass’ is not only about the journey, which is possibly based on true events, but evenmore about discovering, about love, experiencing, accepting, deception and relief.

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