Friday, December 8, 2017

Sintesi Del Viaggio Di Es "l Sole Alle Spalle"

Country: Italy
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Label: Locanda Del Vento ‎(LDV012)
Format: CD
Release date: early December 2017
1 Intro: Noi
2 Segnali
3 Sabbia (Tra Le Mani)
4 Altra Idea
5 Ritornano Stanotte
6 L'altra Parte Buia
7 Il Patto Non Scritto
8 L'illusione
9 Il Sole Alle Spalle
10 Coda: Lei

Valerio Roda (Sithonia) - bass
Marco Giovannini (Sithonia) - vocals
Sauro Musi (Sithonia) - guitar
Eleonora Montenegro - flute
Nicola Alberghini - drums
Maurizio Pezzoli - keyboards

“Il Sole alle Spalle” inherits the typical characteristics of records that have left their mark as “Spettacolo annullato”, “Hotel Brun” and “La Soluzione semplice”: typically Italian interpretation and melody, always appealing songs length, with the indispensable 15-minutes suite, the conclusive title track, which knows how to unfold in different images and moments, from the most symphonic and rocking to the most delicate breath of acoustic guitars, piano and flute.
Just the flute of Eleonora Montenegro becomes a distinctive element for the traits of greater lightness and sweetness, until folkish Celtic digressions  (there is also a tin whistle for the occasion).


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