Friday, December 8, 2017

Alvenrad "Heer"

Country: Netherlands
Genre(s): Retro Progressive Folk Metal
Label: Trollmusic (TROLL011)
Format: CD, digital
Release date: December 8, 2017
1. De Hoogzit (1:26)
2. De Raven Wodans (5:37)
3. Dagen Gaans Heen (4:52)
4. De Zonne-ever (5:25)
5. Boom Des Gouds (2:49)
6. De Herder (1:35)
7. Fallisch (4:08)
8. Minneschemering (4:13)
9. De Groene Tempel (3:51)
10. Omheind (5:54)
11. Foreest In Tweelicht (5:51)

Total Time 45:41

Mark Kwint: vox, guitars
Jasper Strik: organs, piano, vox
Ingmar Regeling: drums
Thijs Kwint: bass
Hanna van Gorcum: nyckelharpa (1,4,10)
Erik Sprooten: guitar solo (3,11)
Arjan Hoekstra: euphonium (7)

I think the question will be from the start if this is a “folk metal” album as the progressive nature of it seems to be far outweighing the folk. While I don’t hear a lot of folk going on with a part here or there, “Heer” doesn’t really fit into any specific box so keep an open mind while listening. With tons of Hammond Organ reminiscent oriented tracks, “Heer” strikes a new path in metal far from any connection previously attempted and with each passing listen for me unveils something new and mind altering. 
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