Saturday, September 9, 2017

Orpheus Nine "Transcendental Circus"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Progressive Rock, AOR
Label: Prog Cabin Records
Format: CD, digital
Release date: September 9, 2017
1. Of Zygotes And Grace Notes (1:17)
2. Eightfold Way (6:46)
3. Fetish (8:31)
4. Hand Of Make-Believe (5:32)
5. No Illusions (4:23)
6. Age Of Rhyme And Reason (6:27)
7. Transcendental Circus I: Barcarolle Of Bedlam (5:30)
8. Transcendental Circus II: Hallowed Playground (4:14)
9. Transcendental Circus III: Intergalactic Clown Festival (3:00)
10. Transcendental Circus IV: Swimming In Our Four O'Clock Tea (2:51)
11. Transcendental Circus V: Not Within The Memory Of Elephants (3:00)
12. Transcendental Circus VI: Freak Tent Mausoleum (2:55)
13. Reaper's Carousel (3:47)
14. Sandcastles (6:00)
15. The Fall Of The House Of Keys (10:44)

Total Time 74:57

Jason Kresge - keys, lead vocals
Matt Ullestad - guitars
Tony Renda - bass, vocals
Mark DeGregory - drums, vocals

This is a keyboard driven blend of old school prog and AOR.  Repeated listens to the album remind of bands that emphasize the more melodic aspects of prog but don't overlook the more technical side either.  Bands like Saga and Styx come to mind immediately as well as Glass Hammer and perhaps another NJ band Shadow Circus.  The 22 minute epic title piece sees the band stretching out quite a bit and some ELP elements surface to punch you in the gut. (lasercd.com)

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