Friday, September 8, 2017

Motorpsycho "The Tower"

Country: Norway
LabelRune Grammofon, Stickman Records (Psychobabble 093)
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: September 8, 2017
1. The Tower (8:44)
2. Bartok Of The Universe (6:08)
3. A. S. F. E. (6:53)
4. Intrepid Explorer (9:52)
5. Stardust (3:34)
6. In Every Dream Home (8:35)
7. The Maypole (3:39)
8. A Pacific Sonata (15:30)
9. The Cuckoo (7:29)
10. Ship Of Fools (14:41)

Total Time 85:05

Bent Sæther — lead vocals, bass, guitars, keyboards
Hans Magnus “Snah” Ryan — lead guitars, vocals, keyboards, mandolin, violin, bass
Tomas Järmyr – drums, vocals

As ever stretching the boundaries of their musical understanding and looking for new ways to express themselves, this is a pretty adventurous album even by Motorpsycho standards. It is easy to hear that both the new environment and the new co-conspirators influenced the band: this sounds nothing like any previous Motorpsycho album! Musically this is in parts the hardest album Motorpsycho has perpetrated in a while, and the material runs the gamut from short and sweet to lengthy and mean – even touching on heavy or stoner rock in places. It certainly is of a rather more explosive nature than most of their last album Here Be Monsters: the sounds are gnarlier and the riffs bigger, and where the last album to some perhaps was a tad too introvert, this album reflects the period it was written and is more concerned with us than me – with changes in society rather than personal issues.  These are strange days, and the lyrics reflect this.
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