Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Existence "Origins"

Country: Canada 
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Label: Black Pearl Productions
Format: CD, digital
Release date: September 12, 2017
CD 1: Fragile Whisperings Of Innocence
1. Existence, The Theme, Part II (3:47)
2. Prisoner Of Time (6:26)
3. Rebirth (8:11)
4. Living For You (4:54)
5. Autumn Brain (9:05)
6. Falling Rain (4:29)
7. Last Dance With Happiness (7:35)

Total Time 44:27

CD 2: Silent Screams In Violence
1. The Pawn (5:45)
2. Aftermath (3:37)
3. Welcome To This World (10:19)
4. The Last Battle (17:44)
5. Seasons, The Theme Part III (1:57)
6. This One's For You (4:57)

Total Time 44:19

Gérard Lévèque : Drums
François Beaugard : Violin
Alan Charles : Piano, keaboards, accoustic & electric guitars, bass, voice
Valery Kim Gosselin : Voice
Gaston Gagnon : Guitars (The Last Battle & Last Dance With Happiness intro)
Richard Ranger : Bass (The Last Battle & Prisoner of Time intro)

25 years after its initial unvailing on the Montreal scene in 1992, the original Existence project is available in its intiretry at last!
The writing of the project started way back in 1987 and was destined to be Alan Charles former band's debut album. It was never meant to be as the band folded-up before it was finished. In 1991, Alan teamed up with 3 new musicians and the Existence project was completed. It was played live in its entirety until 1996 which represents more than 80 concerts.
By then, the nameless group had taken the project title as their own band name. This album therefore represents the orginal concept that started it all, thus the title ORIGINS.
Although Act I of the project was released in 1994 as the Fragile Whisperings Of Innocence album, and a few songs appeared on the Live In Montreal CD recorded in 1999 (and released in 2014), the entire concept piece was never presented on any album until now.
Fragile Whisperings Of Innocence was re-recorded for ORIGINS and is now packaged with Act II, Silent Screams In Violence.

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