Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Zs "Grain"

Country: USA
Sub GenreAvant Prog, Jazz
LabelNorthern Spy
Release dateApril 30, 2013
  1. Grain Part One (20:50)
  2. Grain Part Two (21:32)
Sam Hillmer (tenor sax)
Patrick Higgins (guitar, electronics)
Greg Fox (percussion)

Rather than set expectations and parameters for this phase of the band by initially releasing original compositions, the trio opted instead to create a cannibalistic mixtape that feeds on the carcass of the last Zs iteration. Hillmer and Higgins used the last-gasp recordings of the previous trio to create a 21-minute continual rupture of sound, where any one layer or melody or rhythm generally lasts long enough only to reveal something else pushing through it. Fox took the same material and bent it into a strange span of beats, whirrs and drones, populating his side of this quixotic and intriguing LP with both a warped sense of time and a disobedient attention span. Those qualities, of course, trace a through line from the earliest incarnations of Zs to this rather uproarious one.
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Grain (Excerpt)

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