Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Altar Of Plagues “Teethed Glory And Injury”

Country: Ireland
Sub GenrePost Metal, Experimental, Ambient
LabelProfound Lore Records/Candlelight Records
Release dateApril 30, 2013

1. Mills
2. God Alone
3. A Body Shrouded
4. Burnt Year
5. A Remedy And A Fever
6. Twelve Was Ruin
7. Scald Scar Of Water
8. Found, Oval And Final
9. Reflection Pulse Remains


James Kelly - guitars, vocals, keyboards
Dave Condon - bass, vocals
Johnny "S. MacAnri" King - drums

With “TGAI” a wholly new sonic canvas has been created. While still harnessing the elements in which helped shape their sound in the past (the black metal and post-rock influence, even though now more marginalized), “TGAI” sees Altar Of Plagues create not only their most unconventional and visceral album yet, but their most overwhelming album in their repertoire. With an array of elements that range from industrial, electronica, along with taking the ambient and experimental influence that much further by creating a more extreme and even harsher soundscape, the many sounds generated on “TGAI” become weaved and integrated to create an unforgiving scenario of suffocating majestic glorious noise and sonic mental disarray. The result being “TGAI” defined as a vision unparalleled.

God Alone

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