Thursday, April 25, 2013

Demian Clav "Adrift: Ten Years Before Scardanelli"

Country: France
Sub GenreAvant Prog
LabelYajna Editions
Release date: April 25, 2013

01. Fall
02. Eventyr
03. Holy Road
04. Edelweiss Flight
05. The Art-Scattered Surface Of The Earth
06. Living Sculpture
07. All Night Party
08. Slow Boat To Nowhere
09. Annonciation

D. Clavreul - vocals, electric guitar, keyboards
J.C. Wintrebert  - drums, keyboards, cello
J.Y. Brard - bass
Raphaelle Guillet, Jessica Farley and Armelle Darbon - vocals
Baptiste Brenton - keyboards
Madeleine Goosens and Patrick Meriau - violin
Pierre-Entienne Malefond - guitar
Cedric Lerouley - sounds

The French Nouvelle Vague (New Wave) avant-garde music of “Adrift” is at times a confluence of spoken word narrative and a cacophony of eerie noises which could be as biting as the King Crimson improvisations between David Cross' staccato violin and Fripp's distorted feedback slowly building to a crescendo. Other times it takes a darkly romantic path augmented by beautiful symphonic moments as cello, violin and lush keyboard strings blend into a Harmonic Convergence and I'm reminded of (x-Crimson) Pete Sinfield's album “Still”, the Stephen Wilson/Tim Bowness project No-Man, or the cinematic neo-classical/martial electronica band In The Nursery. A grandiose coupling of orchestra and the spoken word.
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