Monday, April 29, 2013

Purson "The Circle and The Blue Door"

Country: UK
Sub GenrePsychedelic
LabelRise Above Records/ Metal Blade
Release dateApril 29, 2013
  1. Wake Up Sleepy Head 2:06
  2. The Contract 4:11
  3. Spiderwood Farm 5:09
  4. Sailor's Wife's Lament 3:59
  5. Leaning on a Bear 3:27
  6. Tempest and the Tide 5:06
  7. Mavericks and Mystics 3:48
  8. Well Spoiled Machine 5:09
  9. Sapphire Ward 5:02
  10. Rocking Horse 4:25
  11. Tragic Catastrophe 5:21
Rosalie Cunningham - Vocals, lead guitar
George Hudson - Guitars, backing vocals
Samuel Shove - Organ, mellotron, wurlitzer
Barnaby Maddick - Bass, backing vocals
Jack Hobbs - Drums

There is a magic place where folky warmth meets lurid technicolour horror, where prog complexity and all out skull-crushing doom combines with classic songwriting to flesh out a sinister but romantic vision of twisted dreams and lurking threats hidden just out of view. That place is the debut album by Purson, which finds the missing link between Pentangle and Pentagram, by way of David Bowie’s dream reality and The Beatles’ feel for the perfect melody. And while it owes a debt to front woman Rosie Cunningham’s clear love of the late 60s and the early 70s, it is her poetic, evocative lyricism, tight song craft, sonorous vocal style and dedication to deep musicality that takes this album far beyond the waters of pastiche.
Leaning On A Bear
Entire album online


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