Thursday, April 4, 2013

Progenesi "Ulisse l'alfiere nero"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreEclectic
Release date: April 4, 2012
01. La Gioia della Pace
02. La Strategia
03. Il Blue della Notte
04. Il Rosso della Notte pt. 1
05. Il Rosso della Notte pt. 2
06. Un Grande Eroe

Giulio Stromendo: Piano, Hammond, Keyboards
Dario Giubileo: Bass
Patrik Matrone: Guitars
Omar Ceriotti: Drums and Percussions
Eloisa Manera: Violin
Issei Watanabe: Cello

"Homer's words have granted eternity to Ulysses and his story: is it possible to tell it with images and sounds...?"
"Ulisse l'Alfiere Nero", the debut concept-album of Italian band Progenesi, has born with this clear ambition.
The group includes members with very different backgrounds, from the reality of the Verdi Conservatory of Milan and the ferment of the local music scene: this mixture leads to a highly original blend of musical flavors.
There is the experience of the classic 70s prog-rock (ELP, Genesis, Le Orme, PFM), the research in the psychedelic path of Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree's contemporary style, a passion for symphonic music by Beethowen, the romantic lyricism of Chopin, the compositional ideas of the first '900 (Bartok in particular) up to the sounds of jazz (specifically Coltrane, Brubeck and Russell).
Thus the music of this album has a strong descriptive and narrative character, which is combined with a set of photographic pictures both functional to the portrait of Ulysses in the famous episode of the Trojan horse.


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