Monday, April 15, 2013

The Univerzals "The Lost Interspace Gypsies"

Country: Denmark
Sub GenreSpace Rock, Psychedelic
LabelSpace Rock Productions SRP010 (Vinyl)
Release date: April 15, 2013
  1. E-55 7.36
  2. Tell me about it 17.04
  3. Jealoux and envious 6.46
  4. Marsman 6.25
  5. Deal with the past 5.58
  6. In the middle of nowhere 6.07
  7. Spacetrain 9.17
  8. The same difference 6.48
  9. No only way 5.02
  10. Contradictions 3.04
Nicholas Hill - Vocals/guitars/bass
Anders Honore - Saxophones
Mogens Deenfort Pedersen - keyboards
Troels Drasbech - Drums/percussion/sound effects
Oliver Gronne - Bass
Ole Hylling - Trombone
Jiri jon Hjort, Anders Wallin, Bue Beengaard - Bass
Frans Bolling – Keyboard
Michael Andersen - Guitar
Morten Love Ilso – Percussion
Tine Vitkov - Clarinet
Lene Kj?r, Kristina Renfro - backing vocals

The Univerzals are back with their 2nd full length release. The amazing artwork on this record was done by the one and only Ed Unitsky and fits perfectly the vibe and mode of this excellent spacey psychedelic rock record. While the material was recorded over the last ten years it all sounds new and fresh with an excellent sound production.
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