Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Semantic Saturation "Solipsistic"

Country: Canada
Sub GenreProgressive Metal, Progressive Rock
Release dateJanuary 21, 2013
1.Ambivalence 06:33
2.Make Believe 05:06
3.Lost and Found: Insanity 05:26
4.Stardust 06:49
5.Blessing in Disguise 04:48
6.Armchair Activist 04:10
7.Point of Singularity 03:50
8.Time is an Illusion 05:43
9.What if We All Stop 08:44

Shant Hagopian (guitars)
Virgil Donati (ex-Planet X - drums)
Ric Fierabracci (bass)
     special guests:
Derek Sherinian (ex-Dream Theater, Planet X - keyboards)
Andy Kuntz (Vanden Plas - vocals)

...The solipsistic universe can be divided into two parts: the part controlled by our conscious mind and the part controlled by our unconscious mind. Shant Hagopian is able to combine these two parts dangerously; he understands and respects the fact that music is art, and as art, it should be fun and catchy, many instrumental progressive bands have overlooked this for many years, focusing on technique and speed. Music is not a competition about who is the fastest, my friends; music is emotion, and that’s something that overflows in this album. A definitive must have for those who love instrumental prog metal, perfectly digestible food for not lovers.
Read the whole review by Rocio Flores Bedoya at  ladyobscure.com/


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