Monday, January 28, 2013

Afenginn "Lux"

Country: Denmark
Sub Genre: Acoustic, Ambient, Classical, Prog Folk,Avant Prog
Label: Westpark Music
Release date: January 28, 2013
  1. Lux - 3:28
  2. Kostbar - 5:16
  3. Höstvisa I - 2:41
  4. Septem Turbido (Höstvisa II) - 5:50
  5. Obscare - 4:34
  6. Waldhotel Solitaire - 6:09
  7. Paxima - 5:00
  8. Comma - 2:38
  9. Autumnus Elegia - 3:18
  10. Missa Tripus - 7:00
  11. Lumir - 9:08
Rasmus Krøyer - clarinet, bass clarinet, contra bass clarinet
Niels Skovmand - violin
Kim Rafael Nyberg - mandolin
Erik Olevik - contrabass
Rune Kofoed - drums, percussion
Bent Clausen: marimba, vibraphone, waterphone, percussion
Mads Hyhne: trombone
Nikolaj Busk: grand piano on Autumnus Elegia

Where Afenginn used to have great flippancy, they’ve become more serious, but that’s not a bad thing when faced with something quite demanding. And it’s not all sailing on placid waters. Obscare edges into Stravinsky territory, with lurch rhythms and surprises, with beauty and a hefty stomp, melody and sharp dissonance, moving side by side to a resolution, coming as a stragen, disorienting interlude in the proceedings. Autumnus Elegia lives up to its title, melancholic minor-key piano work from guest Nikolaj Busk in a piece curiously reminiscent of Beethoven without the pomp, then adding gypsy violin, vibes and clarinet to the stew as it morphs into Missa Tripus. It’s an album to delight and astonish, and easily the best of their career, taking them further and further from any pigeonhole? Definitely not Danish, other than most of the musicians, not folk, not jazz, not quite classical. It’s Afenginn music

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