Tuesday, January 29, 2013

T "Psychoanorexia"

Country: Germany
Sub GenreArt Rock, Ambient
LabelProgressive Promotion Records
Release date: January 29, 2013
    1. The Aftermath of Silence (18:06)
    2. Kryptonite Monologues (20:44)
    3. The Irrelevant Lovesong (8:09)
    4. Psychoanorexia (19:30)
      Thomas Thielen - vocals, all instruments

      This is the time when ringtone applicability equals musical quality. This is the place where the greed of being a popstar has replaced the sublime experience of creativity. This is the era in which democracy means mass phenomena, not choices. When we have become too lazy even for subterfuges. And too busy to feel the loss.
      This is the age when equality means mediocrity, fame defames excellence, education encourages despondency. We excel in conformity, we celebrate our empty hands. We may not burn books, but we skim them. We may not slaughter heretics, but we overshout them. We strive, long, hunger for nothing, thus nobody strive, long, hunger. Fascistic, yet aimless aposiopetic selves. Timetabled freedom. Death in Bologna. Psychoanorexia.
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      Entire album at progstreaming.com

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