Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jack Potter "Celestial Adventures"

Country: USA
Sub GenreSymphonic
Release date: January 17, 2013 (digital), February, 2013 (CD)
1. Grand Design 1:32
2. Celestial Adventures (feat. Andreas Diemann) 5:55
3. Narrative 1 0:46
4. Streets of Gold (feat. Joe Scalisi) 6:34
5. Narrative 2 2:51
6. Prison Walls (feat. Andreas Diemann & Joe Scalisi) 6:56
7. Silken Threads 3:16
8. Quiet Conversations With Duke (feat. Andreas Diemann) 4:41
9. The Dreamer (feat. Andreas Diemann) 3:13
10. Sunday Morning 6:30
11. Faithful Witness Suite  27:03
   a. Prelude 4:03
   b. Spectacle of Pride (feat. Andreas Diemann) 7:33
   c. Faithful Witness, Pt. 1 4:06
   d. Faithful Witness, Pt. 3 4:28
   e. Faithful Witness, Pt. 4 (feat. Joe Scalisi) 6:56

Jack Potter - drums, keys and voice
Andreas Diemann - Mellotron, keys (6), key solo's (2, 8, 11b)
Mike Cipley - bass
Craig Clark - guitars
Joe Scalisi - sax
Zozimo Rech - space keys (4)
Adrianne Simioni - violin (4)
Miguel Jesus - guitars (8 - second half, 11e - midd section)
Davie Marschall - Mellotron (11e)

A concept CD in the style of 70's prog rock. Sounds similar to Genesis, Pink Floyd. Celestial Adventures is a trip back to the 70's. It's filled with Mellotrons and ARP's, odd time signatures, and a non obtrusive narrative, filled with different characters which bring the story to life. The story revolves around a man named Duke who is having a bit of a crisis in his life. In short, he is at a crossroad, and over the course of two nights, and two very unique dreams, he is able to plot a new course for the future.
Entire album online


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