Thursday, January 31, 2013

Samuel Andreyev "The Tubular West"

Country: France
Sub GenreArt Rock, Avant Prog
LabelTorpor Vigil Records
Release dateJanuary 31, 2013
1.Shoebox Shuffle A 00:35
2.Pluto's Matches 03:28
3.Songs Take Splitting 1 01:43
4.Mind the Bend 05:01
5.Shoebox Shuffle B 00:30
6.The Tubular West 02:51
7.Half-Dream 03:39
8.Songs Take Splitting 2 01:08
9.Over By the Mantle 04:56
10.Shoebox Shuffle C 00:38
11.Salesmen Without Pictures 05:58
12.Winter in Århus 02:47
13.Bendings 03:55
14.Shoebox Shuffle D 00:22
15.Onwards and Upwards 05:52
16.Songs Take Splitting 3 01:24
17.Rose Window 05:30
18.Morning Flexion 01:46

Samuel Andreyev
Ayako Okubo
Olivier Maurel
Léo Maurel
Chris Swithinbank, Winnie Huang, Joshua Hyde, Andrea Agostini and Nicolas Dufournet

Samuel Andreyev’s new album The Tubular West is the culmination of eighteen years of “musical adventure”—a description given by Van Dyke Parks to Andreyev’s 2000 recording Swollows, but which could suitably apply to his entire output, from inventive solo song cycles recorded in living rooms and garages, to avant-garde modern classical compositions commissioned and performed by some of Europe’s most acclaimed ensembles. With The Tubular West, Andreyev reasserts his unique pop sensibility without compromising any of the qualities that have established him as one of the world’s most significant young composers. In fact, this distinctive new recording lies at the intersection of the two main paths of his musical career. 


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