Monday, March 12, 2018

Fungus Hill "Cosmic Construction on Proxima B"

Country: Sweden
Genre(s): Retro Prog, Psychedelic, Blues, Stoner
Format: digital
Release date: March 12, 2018
1. Year 2199 (1:40)
2. Voyage To Proxima B (8:33)
3. Space Witches (6:43)
4. Year Cb3 XIII (2:01)
5. Psychoactive Atmosphere (3:42)
6. Dandelion Mind (4:31)
7. My Delusion (8:03)
8. Universe Inside My Mind (7:32)
9. Desert Of Life (3:33)
10. Year One (2:59)

Total Time 49:17

Erik Sköld - guitar
Nils Mörtzell - drums
Gustav Orvefors - guitar, vocals
Tom Westerlund - bass
Jenny Isaksson - vocals, percussion

Musically the band have slightly shifted from the stonerized heavy blues and psych of their previous full length release, "Creatures", and moved into more progressive territories, the band salting their grooves with a mixture of  jazz-like colourings, lysergic textures and complex prog flavourings, filling out their sound with these elements while at the same time keeping a firm grip on those hard earned stonerized rock credentials that first drew many to the band's musical vision in the first place.
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