Friday, March 30, 2018

Roz Vitalis "The Hidden Man Of The Heart"

Country: Russia
Genre(s)Instrumental Progressive Rock
LabelLizard Records (LIZARD CD 0136)
FormatCD, digital
Release date: March 30, 2018
1. Someone Passed Over (2:18)
2. Passing Over (LP Version) (6:43)
3. Rhapsody Of Refugees (5:43)
4. Blurred (2:58)
5. Trampled By The Lion And Adder (1:35)
6. Thou Shalt Tread Upon The Lion And Adder (6:44)
7. Passing On The Line (2:02)
8. Disturbed By Jungle (1:56)
9. Jungle Waltz (5:02)
10. Wounded By The Lion And Adder (3:55)
11. Fret Not Thyself Because Of Evildoers (6:58)
12. The Hidden Man Of The Heart (5:13)
13. Some Refugee Passed Over (3:44)
14. Psalm 6 (LP Version) (8:32)

Total Time 63:23

Vladimir Efimov – guitars
Alexey Gorshkov – trumpets, guitars
Ruslan Kirillov – bass guitar
Vladislav Korotkikh – flutes
Ivan Rozmainsky – keyboards
Philip Semenov – drums
Vladimir Semenov-Tyan-Shansky – guitars
Danila Danilov – synthesizers
Yury Khomonenko – percussion
Mark Makarov - mandolin
Leonid Perevalov – bass clarinet
    Les-Quartet conducted by Georgy Fyodorov:
Long Fam – violin
Valeriya Kondratyeva – violin
Vyacheslav Agabekov – viola
Sofiya Deynekina – cello

 It is most ambitious, grandiose and high-flying opus of the band. It is that this album extremely emphasizes strange combination of memorable/hooking melodies and sophisticated compositional structures with complex system of leitmotivs. Such combination of “familiarity and weirdness” is one of the trademarks of ROZ VITALIS.
Conceptually the album is about spiritual/creative constituent of a person in strange dynamics. Such constituent can be called “The Hidden Man of The Heart”. Often this dynamics can be tragic and dramatic when a person is faced with various temptations destroying his or her spiritual/creative constituent. A person can be Trampled and Wounded by such temptations which can be represented in the terms of The Lion and Adder, Jungle, or just Evildoers. Sometimes such person becomes Refugee in the Blurred and Passed Over. And then all that is left to do is to sing, to cry and to scream – in desperation – Psalm 6!
The style of "The Hidden Man of the Heart" – like any other ROZ VITALIS stuff – can be described as the "Unclassifiable Branch of Prog Rock". However, such tags as "Melodic Avant Rock", “Canterbury Gothic Prog” or "Between Sympho Prog and Avant Prog", are, perhaps, also partly relevant.
Music of ROZ VITALIS is about The Ineffable and The Unfathomable. In particular, it is about human aspiration for The Unapproachable Light. 


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