Monday, March 26, 2018

ScienceNV "The Quest for Prester John Vol. 1"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Format: CD, digital
Release date: March 26, 2018 
1. Fanfare (1:22)
2. Eloise's Tale (32:35)
    a - What is a Word
    b - Overland
    c - Sojourner
    d - The Bride of Gods
    e- Across the Carpathians
    f- The Brides of God
    g - The Eunuch
    h - Half a Step
    i - Slowly
3. An Earthly Paradise (6:11)
4. The Gates Of Alexander (3:00)
5. Above The Falls (5:32)
6. Beyond The Falls (3:22)
7. The Mongols (3:46)

Total Time 55:48

Jim Henriques: guitar, keys, flute, vocals
Rich Kallet: drums, percussion
Larry Davis: guitar, bass
David Graves: keys, vocals
Carrie Adler: oboe (2a, 2c, 2h).
Michael Cooke: saxophone (2e, 2f)
Phil Freihofner: oboe (2h)
Joyce Graves: vocals as Lorena (2d), background vocals (2g)
Roberta Lengua : vocals as The Bride of Gods (2)
Alan Munson: vocals as Eloise's true love (2a, 2i )
Danielle Pribyl vocals as Lucretia (2d), background vocals (2g)
Paul Rosas: pipe organ (2f)
Betsy Snyder: vocals as Lillith (2d), background vocals (2g)
Rose Taylor: lead vocals (2)
Vanessa Yearsly: vocals as Leona (2d), background vocals (2g)

Over the course of the album we’re treated to some classic symphonic proggy elements mashed up with Zappa-styled quirkiness on reeds and percussion and then every so often the music slides into pastoral melodic passages only to be interrupted at the most unexpected moments by saxophone blowouts or some other cacophonous eruption. There’s even a pronounced Chamber Prog aspect to the music that usually morphs into the band’s more classically symphonic vibe. 
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Eloise's Tale
Gates of Alexander

Web page

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