Saturday, March 17, 2018

Deafening Opera "Let Silence Fall"

Country: Germany
Genre(s): Progressive Rock/Metal
Format: CD, digital
Release date: March 17, 2018
1. Prologue (1:22)
2. Deafening Overture (2:45)
3. Down The River (7:47)
4. Amber Light (6:23)
5. The Tempest (7:50)
6. Sundown (6:29)
7. Sweet Silence (7:44)
8. As Night And Day Collide (3:34)
9. Man And Machine (6:37)
10. At The Edge (7:19)
11. Plus Ultra (12:32)

Total Time 70:22

Moritz Kunkel - guitars
Thomas Moser - guitars
Christian Eckstein - bass
Adrian Daleore - vocals
Konrad Gonschorek - drums
Gérald Marie - keyboards

The new concept album Let Silence Fall surpasses its predecessors not only in sheer length but also in complexity and depth. The vintage sound elements of the previous albums make way for a more modern sound that corresponds well with the detail-rich compostitions. Let Silence Fall presents itself with denser song structures with an ear for detail, a remarkable range of soundscapes and a dramaturgy fit for the silver screen, from the first second to the last. The music and the text are tightly intertwinded. References, quotes and motivic alienations characterize the extensive album and create a delicate relationship between each song. Creative, artistic ambition and the immanent claim of a progressive concept album even leave room for some musical light-heartedness.
Man And Machine
The Tempest
Sweet silence

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  1. un très bon album ,non un superbe album qui me fait le mettre directement dans mes préférés de 2018!