Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Cultural Lungs "Fortress"

Country: Portugal
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Format: digital
Release date: November 1, 2016
1. Prologue (1:21)
2. Glass (1:02)
3. Fortress (2:32)
4. Walls (3:04)
5. Room (2:05)
6. People (2:50)
7. Fear (1:58)
8. Voice (3:28)
9. Parentheses (1:33)
10. Glass (Alternative Ending Version) (1:05)
11. Fortress (Alternative Ending Version) (3:17)
12. Walls (Alternative Ending Version) (2:50)
13. Room (Alternative Ending Version) (3:28)
14. People I (Alternative Ending Version) (2:59)
15. People II (Alternative Ending Version) (2:01)
16. Mask (2:18)
17. Porcelan (1:13)
18. Epilogue (1:01)

Total time 40:05

Cássio Ferreira

Fortress is a concept album that tells a story with two possible endings! You get to choose how the story ends and which version of each song is your favorite. It sounds like you're hearing someone play the storyline of Kingdom Hearts, or a Final Fantasy, on a guitar and then an orchestra. It feels like you're listening to Sword Art Online being sang but being given the choice of making it end differently.
You'll see that each track follows through into the next one, and although the idea was to have a happy ending and a sad one to the story told, what ended up happening was that you have a sad ending, and a tragic one. The first part of the album, the sad ending version of the story, features guitars, drums, bass and those really ethereal vocals that you listen in trailers of epic movies, specially when the scenes go through a dark celtic forest.
The second part of the album is all written out for an orchestra that sounds like it's performing the soundtrack of an epic movie with these awesome crescendos and big sounding drums.

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