Friday, November 4, 2016

Crippled Black Phoenix "Bronze"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Psychedelic, Post Rock
Label: Season of Mist
Format: CD, vinyl, digital
Release date: November 4, 2016
1. Dead Imperial Bastard (5:00)
2. Deviant Burials (6:45)
3. No Fun (4:53)
4. Rotten Memories (3:11)
5. Champions Of Disturbance (9:02)
6. Goodbye Then (5:23)
7. Turn To Stone (7:04)
8. Scared And Alone (8:59)
9. Winning A Losing Battle (9:15)
10. We Are The Darkeners (10:23)
11. A Future Shock (bonus Track) (5:52)
12. Denisovans (bonus Track) (3:12)

Total time 78:59

Justin Greaves: guitar, backing vocals, bass (studio), drums (studio)
Daniel Änghede: vocals, guitar
Mark Furnevall: synthesizer, keyboard, organ, backing vocals
Daisy Chapman: piano, keyboard, vocals
Jonas Stälhammar: guitar, backing vocals
Belinda Kordic: vocals
Chrissie Caulfield: violin
Arthur Young: piano (11)  
Robert Holm: brass
Arvid Jonsson: vocals (7)
Just like the alloy this album is named after, Crippled Black Phoenix's music is made of metal and non-metal elements. Dark rock forms the base ingredient in the musical amalgamation process, but it is the addition of metal, progressive influences, gothic, wave, even pop, and many other elements as well as a changing cast of musicians that result in each song shining with its own individual hue and tone. Yet a deep sense of anguish, despair, longing, loss, melancholy, and nostalgia forms a binding force that holds 'Bronze' together and formulates an encompassing theme.
No Fun
Winning A Losing Battle

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