Monday, November 14, 2016

BlurryCloud "Far From The Sea"

Country:  USA
Genre(s): Instrumental Progressive Metal
Format: digital
Release date: November 14, 2016
1. Flight (1:21)
2. Currents (5:25)
3. Acres (3:15)
4. Of Hollow (4:32)
5. Boreas (3:46)
6. Adrift In Blue (2:39)
7. I Remember You (3:26)
8. Joon (4:54)
9. A Convolution (3:53)
10. Far Removed (3:55)
11. Strange Things (4:33)
12. Auster (5:15)

Total time 46:54

Jack DeMaio - Guitar, bass, virtual instruments

 BlurryCloud is the vehicule for multi-instrumentalist Jack DeMaio, so on Far From The Sea he plays all instruments and he does so with an astonishing skill level. If I was to categorize the music I hear on this album it would be as ''Instrumental Prog Metal'', even though there are many mellow moments (sometimes almost ambient) mixed in with the heavier stuff.
DeMaio can play the keyboards to levels approaching those of Jordan Rudess or Derek Sherinian, guitar shred like the best of them (maybe a hint of Steve Vai?) and play some mighty powerfull drums. He can also be very melodic when needed so Far From The Sea is a heck of a roller coaster ride. Adding to that an excellent production for this CD, I'm convinced all fans of the genre (or of the artists I have listed) should really enjoy this album. (Marc at proggnosis.com)
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