Monday, March 18, 2013

Steak Number Eight "The Hutch"

Country: Belgium
Sub Genre: Post Metal
Label: Indie Records
Release date: March18, 2013 (Belgium), April 22, 2013 (rest of the world)
1. Cryogenius (5:31)
2. Black Eyed (4:31)
3. Photonic (7:39)
4. Push/Pull (6:22)
5. Pilgrimage of a Black Heart (7:31)
6. Exile of Our Marrow (5:57)
7. The Shrine (6:52)
8. Slumber (5:02)
9. Ashore (4:07)
10. Rust (8:43)
11. Tearwalker (9:35)

Brent Vanneste - vocals, guitars, keys
Cis Deman -  guitars
Jesse Surmont - bass
Joris Casier - drums

The Hutch is the sound of a band attempting to reach loftier heights as they embrace a more progressive side of their music. Tracks that often clocking in between seven and nine minutes restrain themselves from escalating into prog-cock waving contests. Rolling riffs are often complemented by direct drums which leads to a sound that is simplistic yet effective. This in turn leads to a master class in dynamics as songs rise and fall with the swell of songs such as ‘Push/Pull’ regularly reaching uplifting peaks.
Despite relying heavily on flexing their sizeable musical muscles, frontman Brent Vanneste remains a vital asset to their music. While vocals often do take a back seat in favour of the colossal instrumental sections, when Vanneste does make his presence felt he proves himself as one of the most impressive elements in Steak Number Eight’s bulging back of tricks. At times his gravelly tones make him sound like he’s channelling the ghost of Layne Staley, yet he can also deliver some powerful and downright evil growls that would garner the church burning approval of corpse paint enthusiasts all over Europe.
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Black Eyed

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