Friday, March 29, 2013

Persefone "Spiritual Migration"

Country: Andorra
Sub GenreTech/Extreme Progressive Metal
LabelVicisolum Productions
Release dateMarch 29, 2013
1. Flying Sea Dragons (1:48)
2. Mind as Universe (4:41)
3. The Great Reality (6:27)
4. Zazen Meditation (3:53)
5. The Majestic of Gaia (8:38)
6. Consciousness Pt.1: Sitting in Silence (3:21)
7. Consciousness Pt. 2: A Path to Enlightenment (5:43)
8. Inner Fullness (7:32)
9. Metta Meditation (3:48)
10. Upward Explosion (2:55)
11. Spiritual Migration (8:47)
12. Returning to the Source (9:06)
13. Outro (3:55)

Marc Martins - vocals
Carlos Lozano  - guitar
Jordi Gorgues  - guitar
Miguel Espinosa  keyboards, vocals.
Toni Mestre - bass
Marc Mas - drums

Persefone combine aspects of symphonic, progressive and death metal to create their diverse style, and it totally works for them. They play complicated riffs fast enough to give Lamb of God a run for their money, meaty math-core breakdowns that one might associate with Ion Dissonance, but far more diversified in sound than either of those bands. Think Dream Theater around their Octavarium era (I’m particularly thinking ‘Panic Attack’) but somewhat heavier and using death-metal style vocals alongside clean.
The songs segue really well into each other, so the experience of listening to the album never feels disjointed; the music takes you on a journey through turbulence, into melody and harmonies without skipping a beat [Please, pardon the awful pun]. There’s a definite strength in this unity, as there’s clearly been a lot of effort put into these links – the album completely feels like it was meant to fit together, so listening to it as a whole is a rewarding experience. The ‘Outro’ track ties everything off nicely; it’s a very calm track, dissipating the energy of the preceding songs, and bringing the album to a close.
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Spiritual Migration

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