Monday, March 11, 2013

Digital Chemistry "Just Add Water"

Country: USA
Sub GenreHard Rock, Progressive Rock, Alternative
Release date: March 11, 2013
1. Real Life
2. We Are
3. Virtual Unreality
4. Dig
5. Chances
6. The Machine
7. One By One
8. Catapult
9. Mr. Greed
10. Nora
11. The Mirror
12. The Whole Truth
13. Hold Your Heart

Rob Fowler / guitars, vocals
Cliff Peddicord / bass, vocals
Glenn Strom - drums

“Just Add Water” will satisfy anyone’s craving for progressive, melodic hard rock of the highest quality. With its emphasis on instrumentation and composition, this is music bereft of fancy digital effects and studio manipulations. Rather, Digital Chemistry is as real as it gets in content, emotion and intellectuality, for their musicianship is that of three seasoned players who have obviously put a lot of thought and effort into crafting each and every song. There’s an obvious attention to detail on this CD, a vibe borne on music given a fine polish before sending it out to the masses. Peddicord’s vocal harmonizing adds a lush layer of texture, and Strom’s drum work brings to mind the greats like Neil Peart and Bill Bruford. If you dig Queensryche, Rush, King’s X, Kansas and the like, you’ll love Digital Chemistry.
- Matt Nagle, Tacoma Weekly (Feb 27, 2013)
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