Friday, March 15, 2013

Coarbegh "The Colour Of Happiness"

Country: Germany
Sub GenreJazz-Rock/Fusion, Alternative, Classical
LabelQuiXote Music
Release date: March 15, 2013
1. A Secret Glance
2. Chalkhill Blues
3. The Lighthouse Keeper’s Birds
4. Two of a Kind
5. Cooil East
6. Three White Flashes
7. Lines in the Sand
8. Alchemy Lodge
9. The Colour of Happiness
10. The World Before The Fall

Jutta Brandl – Vocals
Pia Darmstaedter - Flute
Stefan Glomb – Guitars, Bass
Philipp Jaehne – Keyboards, Programming
Rabin Dasgupta – Bass

The music of this album is the result of the unlikely meeting of five musicians from very different fields of music:
  • Jutta Brandl – renowned jazz-singer, who has worked with some of the most respected German jazz musicians.
  • Pia Darmstaedter – classical flutist who is busy working with different orchestras and touring and recording with her own band Autumnal Blossom.
  • Rabin Dasgupta – best known from his time with Germany’s big alternative-prog hope The Amber Light.
  • Philipp Jaehne und Stefan Glomb – the creative core of the Prog-band Poor Genetic Material.
The idea to this collaboration came during the sessions for the Poor Genetic Material album Island Noises, which Jutta Brandl and Pia Darmstaedter already guested on. Philipp Jaehne and Stefan Glomb had a lot of material that did not quite fit into the context of PGM and that came to life in this new line-up. Locking themselves away in a remote cottage on Valentia Island off the Irish coast they recorded these ten songs, which meant a fascinating trip into new territory - hopefully not only for the musicians involved. Each member’s stylistic origin – prog, jazz, classic, alternative - can be clearly heard, yet there is still a lot of room for experiments.
Lyric-wise the album is about the fragility of the moment and the courage it takes to fully
absorb it and live in it it. So, despite its melancholic atmosphere The Colour of Happiness has become an optimistic album. 
A secret glance

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