Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pinnick Gales Pridgen "Pinnick Gales Pridgen"

Country: USA
Sub GenreHard Rock, Progressive Rock
LabelMagna Carta
Release date: February 12, 2013
  1. Collateral Damage - 5:09
  2. Angels and Aliens - 6:16
  3. For Jasmine - 1:18
  4. Hang On, Big Brother - 5:08
  5. Wishing Well - 5:57
  6. Hate Crime - 3:09
  7. Lascivious - 5:18
  8. Black Jeans - 6:47
  9. Sunshine Of Your Love - 6:53
  10. Been So High (The Only Place To Go Is Down) - 10:23
  11. Me And You - 4:45
  12. The Greatest Love - 5:45
  13. Frightening - 5:20
dUg Pinnick - Bass and Vocals (King's X)
Eric Gales - Guitar and Vocals (Eric Gales Band, Lauryn Hill)
Thomas Pridgen - Drums (ex Mars Volta)

On the band’s debut, each member of PGP infuses the material with his own set of musical influences, transforming his individual instrument into a lead instrument. The absolutely slamming musicianship frames the recognizable melodies of these songs and catapults the music into the realms of psychedelic blues, hard rock, and progressive soul/R&B. Pinnick Gales Pridgen’s debut contains all the stinging bite and all-out sonic boom of King’s X, The Mars Volta and The Eric Gales Band. In addition, fans of artists as far ranging as Jimi Hendrix , Cream, Living Colour, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Tool, The Who, Stevie Wonder and Liquid Tension Experiment might find something meaningful in these meaty, extended tracks. 
Samples at label's web page


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