Monday, December 10, 2012

Temple of the Smoke "The Lost Art of Twilight"

Country: Serbia
Sub Genre: Psychedelic, Space Rock
Label: Cosmic Eye/Musicbazz (LP), self-released (CD)
Release date: December 10, 2012 (digital), January, 2013 (LP, CD)
1.A1 Kingdom of Apples 05:03
2.A2 Moth of Time 07:14    
3.A3 Starfall     02:21
4.A4 Out, Into the Crimson Night! 06:26
5.Ω1 Street of Shifting Signs  08:00
6.Ω2 Beyond the Wall of Sleep  05:37
7.Ω3 Temple of the Smoke  07:50

Marko Ilić (bass)
Janko Stojanović (guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals, analog and digital synthesizers, Farfisa organ and field recordings).
Dušan Žica (guitar, analog and digital synthesizers, melodica, vocoder, e-bow, dub and sampler)
Dragan Mirković (drums, electronic pads and percussions)

Danilo Nikodinovski (percussions on A1)
Jon Mack Marie (vocals on Ω2)

"The Lost Art of Twilight" may be described as conceptual, mostly instrumental album and is ontological sequel of firstborn "...Against Human Race". However, the songs are conceptual fragments of a story, telling a tale of destruction and reinvention of the world we knew.
Imaginary and energy from George Sterling's nightmarish poetry or celestial fiction of Howard P. Lovecraft, Thomas Ligotti and Clark Ashton Smith, endless “pencil and paper” RPG wanderings (like Changeling: The Dreaming and Warhammer) with ritualistic magical drops on blotter canvases, preceded the openings of some portals.
At the end of it all, it is blind men's kaleidoscopic journey through various musical forms, a living mutant swarming aural spaces at the dawn of XXI century... and you can hear its heartbeat, next to you now.



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